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GPT 2005 CD Release
Percussive Arts Society
Percussive Notes
August 2005
by F. Michael Combs

Global Percussion Trio

If you want to hear a great variety of percussion trio music, played extremely well and recorded with very high-quality fidelity, get a copy of this CD. The music includes a medieval song, African dances, a Green rag, a tambourine trio, a Miles Davis tune, an 18th-century French dance, steel drums, Latin music, military drumming, and other pieces with ethnic percussion. There are 16 pieces in all, and just as you get settled in to one listening groove, the next piece is a total turnaround.

One of the more noteworthy performances is Barry Dove's solo work in
"Marimba Spiritual (Part 2)" by Miki. Dove brings special life to this standard in the marimba repertoire. Use of Japanese taiko drums and Tibetian singing bowls provide the most interesting accompaniment colors.

Some of the most effective use of percussion instruments include the udu in the opening medieval song, wooden boxes and spoons in "Yambu," tambourine color contrasts in the tambourine trio "Proposal", bata drumming in "Chango," frame drums in "Framed," use of a tapan drum in "Tapan Solo," andalmglocken and nipple gongs in the Sonny Rollins tune "Oleo."

In terms of sheer accuracy of playing, the entire CD is impeccable, and the timpani bass line in "
Oleo" demonstrates unusual pitch accuracy.

The marimba performance in the medieval song "Gaudete" is as close to perfect as one could expect.

Global Percussion Trio sets a new standard for quality of recorded sound, accuracy of performance and stylistic variety.

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The CD and other Recordings

Global Percussion Trio has recently recorded their debut CD “Global Percussion Trio” 2005. Click the image to the left to go to our ordering page.

See below for track list and other information about the CD. Stay tuned to this website for sound samples in the coming weeks.

Other recordings by Global Percussion include CDs for Robert Macht’s “Suite for Javanese Gamelan and Synthesizer” 1996 and “Vishnu” 1999.

See the players bio's for more information on other recordings.

The Music and Instruments

The Trio's debut CD includes music from Ghana, Cuba, Japan, Trinidad & Tobago, France, Finland, India, Brazil, and Bulgaria. This image shows a typical stage set for GPT. Click the image for a full screen version. All of the following instruments appear on the CD:

Instruments on played by the Trio include: Agogo Bell, Almglocken , Ankle Rattles, Atoke Bell, Atsimevu, Axatse, Bamboo, Bass Drum, Bata Drums, Bendir, Bodhran, Boba, Cajon, Clave, Latin Percussion Conga, Cowbell, Chinese Tom Toms, Crash Cymbals, Crotale, Cuica, Drumset, Finger Cymbals, Gankogui, Gaval, Gongon, Guiro, Hoe Blade, Jam block, Kagan, Kidi, Marimba, Nipple Gong, Quinto, Riq, Sar Di, Shaker, Shekere, Blackswamp Percussion Snare Drum , Sogo, Song Bells, Steel Drum, Taiko Drums, Tambourine, Tar, Tibetian Singing Bowls , Timpani, Tumba, Udu , Vibraphone, VIC FIRTH STICKS AND MALLETS, Wooden Spoons, Xylophone, ZILDJIAN CYMBALS


CD Program Notes + Tracks

CD Program Notes

Track 1 Gaudete - A medieval song by Piae Cantiones which was published in a Finnish songbook “Devout ecclesiastical and scholastic songs of the old bishops” in 1582. (finger cymbals, marimba, song bells, tambourine and udu)
listen to a sample.
Time 1:34
(Piae Cantiones/arr. by Robert J. Batastini)

Track 2 Abekor - The dance of warriors by the “Ewe” people of Ghana.

Adzogbo - A recreational dance of the “Fon” people of Benin. This represents a tug of war between land (elephant) and sea (crocodile).

Gahu - A social recreational dance form of the “Ewe” people of Ghana.
(atsimevu, axatse, boba, gankogui bell, kagan, kidi, pod ankle rattles,
pedal atoke bell, sogo, and uyot seed ankle rattles)
Barry Dove - Atsimevu & Boba overdub

Time 6:12
(Trad. Ghanian)

Track 3 Log Cabin Blues - An upbeat Ragtime piece composed and published by George Hamilton Green. Originally a xylophone solo with piano accompaniment composed 1924.
(Deagan xylophone #1750, Kori marimba and Deagan vibraphone #45)
Barry Dove - Xylophone solo

Time 2:36
(George Hamilton Green)

Track 4 Yambu - The oldest and slowest form of Rumba. Usually played on Cajons (wooden boxes), it was originally played on salt cod crates on the fishing piers of Cuba. (bamboo, cajon bongos, cajon conga, large cajon and wooden spoons)
John Thomakos - Cajon bongo overdub
listen to a sample.
Time 2:12
(Trad. Cuban)

Track 5 Alborada del Gracioso - Spanish influenced work by Maurice Ravel. Originated as a piano piece from his five “Miroirs” composed in 1906 for solo piano, it was arranged by the composer in 1918 for full orchestra. This version is an arrangement for two marimbas by Danish Percussion Group “Safri Duo”. (5 octave Adams marimba and 4 1/2 octave Kori marimba)
Svet Stoyanov & Barry Dove - Marimba

Time 3:49
(Maurice Ravel/ arr. by Safri Duo)

Track 6 Proposal - A cannon for three tambourines by composer Eugene Novotney. (Grover tambourine - copper, Lefima tambourine - german silver and Vaughcraft tambourine - silver)
listen to a sample.
Time 3:15
(Eugene Novotney)

Track 7 All Blues - An iconic song in the jazz idiom. A Miles Davis standard from the landmark 1959 recording, “Kind of Blue”.
(Deagan vibraharp #45, drumset and marimba)
Barry Dove - Vibe solo
John Thomakos - Drum solo

Time 6:20
(Miles Davis)

Track 8 Chango
- God of lighting and thunder. One of the orichas in Cuban Santeria Bata drumming which stems from traditional Yoruba religion. There is no Deity more vehement or energetic than Chango. (bata drums - itotele, iya, okonkolo and pedal cowbell)
listen to a sample.
Time 2:48
(Trad. Santerian)

Track 9 Tambourin - An 18th century baroque french dance with drums, originally accompanied by pipe and a tambourine.  (marimba, rig and tar)

Time 1:37
(Sean Philippe Rameau)

Track 10 Framed - An improvisatory piece for frame drums which uses techniques and exercises from my teacher Glen Velez. (bendir, bodhran, riq, tar and voice)
Barry Dove - Bodhran overdub
listen to a sample.
Time 3:19
(Barry Dove)
dedicated to Glen Velez

Track 11 St. Thomas - Sonny Rollins’ most noted composition which honored his parents’ Virgin Island roots with a calypso rhythm.
(clave, conga, cuica, drumset, guiro, hoe blade, marimba, shaker and steel drum)
Barry Dove - Marimba/Steel drum solo
Svet Stoyanov - Drumset

Time 3:06
(Sonny Rollins)

Track 12 Comparsa - A piece played during Carnival in Cuba before Lent. Featuring a large band (comparsa) of drummers playing Conga de Comparsa during a celebratory parade.
Bembe - A ceremonial rhythm played in Cuba during religious gatherings including drumming, singing and dancing. (agogo bells, conga, cowbells, gon gon/bombo, pedal cowbells, pedal jam block, quinto, shekre and tumba)
Barry Dove - Quinto overdub

Time 3:09
(Trad. Cuban)

Track 13 Marimba Spiritual
- The third marimba composition by Minoru Miki that has become a standard in the marimba repertoire. The traditional Japanese Taiko drumming rhythms come from the festivals of the Chichbu area. (5 octave Marimba One, gon gon, japanese taiko drums, tibetian singing bowls, sar di and voice)
Barry Dove - Marimba
listen to a sample.
Time 9:29
(Minoru Miki)

Track 14 Tapan Solo - An improvisation on Bulgarian rhythms. The Tapan is a traditional wooden drum with goat skin and is played with two sticks: Kijak, made of walnut in the left hand and a thin flexible stick usually made of dogwood in the right hand. The tapan is as common as the “percussion section” in the folk music of Eastern Europe.
Svet Stoyanov - solo

TIme 2:17
( Svet Stoyanov)

Track 15 March Time - A typical parade-like piece scored for bass drum, snare drum and cymbals. (36” Reamer bass drum. snare drum, 18” Constantinople K ZILDJIAN special selection cymbals)
listen to a sample.
Time 2:14
(David P. Eyler)

Track 16 Oleo - A Sonny Rollins jazz classic based on “I’ve Got Rhythm”. (Bb almglocken, Bb crotale, Bb nipple gong, Deagan vibes, drumset and timpani)
listen to a sample.
16. Oleo 0:57
(Sonny Rollins)